"The courageous conversation is the conversation that you don't want to have." --David Whyte

I’ll Coach You On How To…


Communicate when Speaking & Listening

  • Change your old patterns of communication to new empowered patterns of communication
  • Regard yourself worthy enough to say what is true for you no matter how risky
  • Listen with presence for understanding
  • Speak with awareness and confidence
  • Draw from your unique wisdom, strength, and knowledge to have a meaningful conversation


Communicate Your Values & Feelings

  • Understand and express your values
  • Prioritize what matters to you when communicating
  • Experience, acknowledge, and convey your emotions and feelings


Communicate in Relationships

  • Deepen intimacy and connection with yourself and others through heartfelt conversation
  • Ask others for help, for what you want and need
  • Communicate your boundaries with others: saying or hearing yes/no
  • Voice closure with unhealthy and toxic relationships


Communicate when in Conflict & when Anger/Rage is Present

  • Accept, be with, work through, and transform your anger/rage so that you can courageously communicate
  • Be in healthy and productive conflict instead of avoiding conflict
  • Listen to others non-defensively and with openness and flexibility
  • Resolve long-standing internal conflict
  • Have a difficult conversation


Communicate Mindfully 

  • Use mindfulness meditation and breath when communicating
  • Listen to and speak from your deeper self​ with authenticity, sincerity, and compassion
  • Stay grounded, centered, and strong when communicating difficult issues and topics that are important to you
  • Use your body, voice, and eyes when having vulnerable or difficult conversations


Become an empowered communicator.