What My Clients Say

"I have been working with Vanessa for over a year now. She has helped coach me through many difficult conversations at work and at home. She has an uncanny ability to uncover the truth behind my feelings and experiences. She helped me craft my words and communicate in more powerful and less emotionally charged ways. These are life skills that are applicable to any line of work. I highly recommend her for both personal and professional coaching." --A.G., CEO, wife, and mother of 3

"Vanessa is truly an empowered communicator.  She inspired me with her genuine enthusiasm, dedication and confidence in our work together and supported me wholeheartedly in the process of accepting myself.  Using her unique meditation technique, that is full of wisdom, she guided me on the inner journey to face my insecurities.  Her loving and powerful presence made me feel totally safe.  Her faith in me game me courage to explore what my body was experiencing and what my heart was really trying to express. She showed me how to get out of my head and become more aware of my body and soul so that I could fully express myself with integrity.  In working with her, I feel more comfortable with myself as I am.  Thank you, Vanessa!”  --N.K., Global Expansion Manager

"Vanessa is a powerful, intuitive and skilled coach who offers her wisdom to be in service for other's growth. Working with her makes me think of the Angela Davis quote: "walls are bridges turned sideways", as Vanessa creates connections from obstacles. She helped me unlock my potential and have new insights on my situation. Her social justice background made me feel safe to be brave as an immigrant. Vanessa is a fierce and loving warrior and for those who also work with her, I'm envious and excited for you ." --J.H., Conflict Resolution Specialist

"Vanessa helped me walk through complex feelings in relation to a challenge at work. She is a highly present and compassionate listener. She asked probing questions, listened carefully,  and mirrored back to me what she heard . Vanessa precisely articulated and defined the otherwise inchoate feelings I was experiencing around this particular challenge. What I most appreciate about Vanessa's approach is that she was able to pinpoint the emotions I was experiencing and frame them in terms of my values. As a result of our work, I have a much clearer understanding and perspective on the situation. After exploring this challenge with Vanessa, I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me." --R.W., Department Chair

"I had the privilege of receiving coaching from Vanessa and can honestly say that she has a true gift for this work. She has a remarkable ability to take risks, be bold and challenge clients to go beyond their comfort zones. Vanessa's willingness and skill in pushing me towards the uncomfortable, yet infinitely important places, was transformative. Vanessa does not stay in the "safe" zone. Instead, she pushes her clients to move beyond their fears and in doing so, inspires them to enter into the unimaginable territory that has the ability to transform lives."--C.S., Psychologist

"It’s clear to me that Vanessa loves her work. She was 100% present, attentive, and truly interested in helping me to improve my communication. Because of her experience and background, she has a deep understanding of emotional issues that block communication. She is an empathetic listener with an excellent memory, so from one session to the next we could easily pick up the same thread and continue exploring it. She led me to discover my own solutions instead of telling me what I should do. She also guided me to turn my feelings into words so that I could communicate better with myself and others. For example, when having difficult, heated exchanges with family members, I would become immobilized, speechless, and confused. As a result of working with Vanessa, I became more empowered to stay connected to my own feelings in the face of another person’s anger. It has been a big breakthrough to learn to stay in my body and remember to give myself empathy in such situations."  --V.J., Retired

"In my work, I sometimes have to give difficult feedback regarding someone's performance. Vanessa taught me the importance of getting over my fear of saying the wrong thing, of upsetting people, of hurting someone's feelings, and to speak my truth so that a conversation could happen around the person's professional growth. I harbored (and still do, although I'm working on it) this baggage that somehow giving difficult feedback would destroy the other person. Vanessa helped me realize that people are often stronger than I expected and that what I had to say to them, along with how I said it, they would likely handle. Part of the learning was also about the strength of the relationship that comes after you speak your truth to someone - it can actually bring people closer together. Vanessa played a significant role in helping me learn to be more open, more authentic, and more real with my colleagues."  --A.S., Innovation & Technology

"Vanessa has supported me in my journey in living my best, most honest truth. She has helped me unlock my inner needs - which has only been a liberating and exciting journey. Being able to communicate much more effectively with myself has drastically helped improve my communication and relationships with others. I'm so grateful for all the precious time and energy that she gives to me!"  --J.S., College Student

"Vanessa is a compassionate and engaged listener who wants what's best for her clients. She takes the time to listen attentively, ask thoughtful questions, probe more deeply into the conversation to ensure people are speaking from their truth. Her mindfulness work allows her to be fully present for others while providing them tools to approach the world from an embodied place. In our work together, I always found I was able to speak authentically and be vulnerable in ways that allowed me to flourish and grow as a person and as a professional."  --L.C., Administrative Supervisor

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