About Me

My commitment to my emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth will never end for me in this lifetime.  My journey has led me to the beautiful life that I’ve created for myself.  I spent many years understanding, accepting, and mourning my past through therapy.  I also spent many years healing my old wounds through yoga, dance, and meditation.  It wasn’t until I decided to commit to a meditation practice that I truly started to listen to my deeper self and accept myself exactly for who I am.

When I started to pay attention to what was inside, I realized that I needed to move the energy that was weighing me down by expressing what was in my heart.  I literally found my voice.  I live my life as an empowered communicator every day and have firsthand experience of how much healing and momentum I’ve gained over the years from courageously and vulnerably speaking my truth.  My mission is to share what I’ve learned over the years and to support and guide others who are ready to be in their truth as empowered communicators.


My Mission

My mission is to support, guide, and coach people to becoming empowered communicators.  Everyone has the right to listen to, acknowledge, and accept what is true for them: their experience, their feelings, their life-serving values, and their truth.  Everyone has the right to be an empowered communicator.



My Style

I model and coach empowered communication.  My approach is direct and strongly compassionate because I speak from my heart and know where I am in relation to you.  I am a discerning, thoughtful, and careful listener.  I am fully present for you, and I’m able to hold your experience with deep empathy and awareness.  While centered and grounded, I use my intuition to guide you along your journey so that you come to fully realize your innate ability to clearly and confidently communicate.



My Background

I’m a communication coach, facilitator, trainer, and mediator helping San Francisco citizens resolve relational conflicts involving family members, partners, friends, neighbors, and people in various roles within organizations.  I hold mediation certifications from Community Boards in San Francisco and SEEDS Community Resolution Center in Berkeley.  I’m trained in Nonviolent Communication, Somatic Awareness Communication, the Co-Active Coaching Model with the Coaches Training Institute, and both Zen and Vipassana Meditation.  Along with meditation, I have an 18-year yoga practice and a lifetime of dance that has developed my understanding of embodiment and somatic awareness that I integrate into my communication coaching work.

Before coaching and mediation, I taught high school mathematics in private independent schools for ten years. During this time, I advocated for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in various ways by serving on diversity committees, co-facilitating the People of Color adult affinity group, supporting students, and engaging in professional development that paved the way for my work as a communication coach and mediator.  I received a Master of Science degree from Claremont Graduate University.  Finally, with deep appreciation, I want to thank all of my teachers, especially my former students who truly taught me invaluable lessons about myself.

Become an empowered communicator.